Solar Power at Ham Radio Station K3OE

Recently I began experimenting with solar
produced energy to power my ham radio station.

There are several reasons why I decided to power
at least a portion of my ham radio equipment with
solar produced energy.

I have been planning to do this for a few years but
the cost was prohibitive. The last couple of years have
brought price reductions not only for solar panels but
other equipment required for a solar energy system.

The power blackout of a few weeks ago spurred me to
finally start somwhere, even if at a very modest level.

In case of emergency I want to be able to power as a
minimum some of my low power ham radio equipment.
Another goal is a limited amount of power for my home
in case of natural disaster or other emergency.

Currently I have only one small 15 watt solar panel, a
charge controller and one small battery for storage. Though
this is very little power I am already amazed.

It is possible for me to do the following with this tiny system;

1. Power my Radio Shack HTX-10 transceiver for several
hours, transmitting about 20 percent of the time.

2. Power my computer for a few hours.

3. Power some lights in my home for several hours or
intermittently for several days.

What did this cost? Under $200!

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